Changin’ the look around here.

March 3, 2012 in Blog

Our class websites, student blogs and online literature circles are up and running, so I thought I’d take some time to do some house cleanin’ around here and fix up the appearance of this site.

We decided to try out the Thesis premium WordPress theme for EduCircles. Why? Because it’s purty and very customizable. Here are some pretty websites that use WordPress and the Thesis theme:

Thesis gives you a lot of options and settings that you can customize when you’ve logged into your site.

  • You can change fonts, tweak colours, and add headers
  • You can choose how many columns you want, the size of the columns, and the layout / order of those columns.
  • You can even turn on (or off) the little things – maybe you don’t want the date to get published on each post – maybe you want just an excerpt to show up here – tweak all of those things from your admin dashboard.

Now, mind you, just because you can customize Thesis to make incredible and innovative sites, doesn’t mean that everyone has the technical chops to be able to. Still, you get a lot more control over the look of your site (compared to some of the free WordPress themes.)

Thesis is a premium theme. If you run a self-hosted WordPress site for your class website and you want Thesis for your site, you’re looking at $87 to buy the theme yourself. (More if you go for the developer option like us.)

Or, if you’re using EduCircles to power your class website or online literature circles, then the Thesis theme is already waiting for you. Tell us what you think!

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