FREE No Prep handout

Use the “See the Good Challenge Handout for Google Classroom™” to help your students during these difficult times.

Distance learning can be tough! Change is hard and it’s easy to get discouraged. 

And, I’m just talking about how we’re feeling! Our students feel the same way!

Use this FREE 2 page handout to help your students find small successes to celebrate. 

In fact, consider using this yourself because our students aren’t the only ones who need to focus on the good! 

  • There’s a Google Doc version that you can assign to all of your students in Google Classroom so they can type in their successes.
  • There’s also a PDF version for easy printing.

Distance learning can be tough. Change is hard and it’s easy to get discouraged. 

Take a moment to write down one thing about distance learning that you’re proud of. Something you figured out. Something you learned. Something that took a lot of work, but you did it!

Seeing the good during tough times can be difficult. Let’s practice this skill.

  • Every day, try and find a time to celebrate the small stuff and record it using the table below.
  • Try to come up with a different learning moment to celebrate every day. 

How many consecutive days can you do this challenge? Can you find a good learning moment for 10 days in a row?  20 days?! 30 days!?!

Good luck!