What age / grade range are Educircles resources for?

Generally speaking, Educircles and SEOT resources are designed for Grade 6-10.

When teachers leave a review on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT), they sometimes check off the grades they teach. Based on this information, teachers have used Educircles resources with students in Grade 5 to Grade 12.

FYI: My teaching experience (i.e. bias) comes from the Intermediate classroom (Grades 7 and 8) in Ottawa, Canada. I spent most of my time as a Grade 8 English Language Arts teacher.

If you teach in a different part of the world, here is a table comparing the grades my resources are designed for and the approximate age of students.

Grade (Canada / US)Grade (Britain)Age
Grade 6 (sixth grade)Year 711-12 years old
Grade 7 (seventh grade)Year 812-13 years old
Grade 8 (eighth grade)Year 913-14 years old
Grade 9 (ninth grade)Year 1014-15 years old
Grade 10 (tenth grade)Year 1115-16 years old
Source: OurKids.net and Wikipedia

Here is a Wikipedia page showing what Grade 7 in Canada/US would be equivalent to in other countries around the world.

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