Here’s a free, simple, five-minute Critical Thinking activity to do with your Intermediate English Language Arts class or homeroom.

Here are two simple questions you can ask ChatGPT to show how Artificial Intelligence can give misinformation. (They’re called AI hallucinations!)

Grab the handout

Five (5) Minute Critical Thinking Freebie
(Strand A1 Transferable Skills)

  1. Visit Correct The and watch the film (1 min)
  2. As a teacher, sign into ChatGPT
  3. Ask ChatGPT the following question: Who has scored the most goals in international football?
  4. If ChatGPT does not include Christine Sinclair, ask the follow up question: What about Christine Sinclair?
  5. Discuss

Fifteen (15) Minute Freebie:
ChatGPT vs Critical Thinking Discussion Questions

To continue the conversation and learning, consider asking your students the following discussion questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Grab the handout

  1. RECALL: How many goals has Christine Sinclair scored?
  2. UNDERSTAND: What is the purpose of asking ChatGPT a question like “Who has scored the most goals in international football?” What are we trying to find out?
  3. APPLY: Imagine you’re a journalist tasked with writing a sports article. How would you ensure the statistics and facts you include are both complete and accurate?
  4. ANALYZE: What criteria do you think ChatGPT uses to answer a question like “Who has scored the most goals in international football?” What limitations might this have?
  5. EVALUATE: Should ChatGPT be allowed in schools? Why or why not?
  6. CREATE: Create a series of questions for students to see if ChatGPT (or any other artificial intelligence chatbot) is hallucinating and giving misinformation.

Curriculum Connections

Here are some possible connection opportunities with the New Ontario Language 2023 curriculum:

Why we are teaching thisOntario Language 2023 Curriculum
Watching the Correct The Internet film about the little girl asking questions to the internetA1. Transferable Skills
A1.1 Applying transferable skills (critical thinking) when viewing texts of various forms.
C1. Knowledge about texts)
C1.4 Visual Elements of Texts (personification of the internet)
Modeling for students appropriate use of technology by asking ChatGPT who has scored the most goals in international football.A2. Digital Media Literacy
A2.3 Conduct research, considering accuracy, credibility and perspectives, with a focus on misinformation, disinformation…
Discussion questions around the ChatGPT results.A2.4 Evaluate the … techniques of digital and media texts, consider the impact on the audience, and apply this understanding when analyzing and creating texts.

FREE Critical Thinking Debate: Should ChatGPT be allowed in schools? Or is this cheating?

If you and your students are interested in this topic, check out this free one-hour video lesson walking you through some pros and cons of allowing ChatGPT in this classroom:

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