A Call To Be Kind and Where To Start

Thinking about student and teacher mental health doesn’t just have to be a week (or a month).

In Canada, it’s about a “A Call To Be Kind“. In the US, it’s about “Where To Start.”

May is Mental Health Awareness month.

So many teachers struggle with anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome or other mental health obstacles.

Likewise, so many teachers are feeling great, understand when to say no, take time for themselves, and take care of themselves.

Oh, and it’s not an either / or kind of thing. Sometimes, we do better than other times. And vice-versa.

For me, it’s about how do I keep going? (And sometimes, it really is about that Anna song from Frozen 2: The next right thing.)

This month, I’m reflecting on what colour I am.

Today, I’m not able to figure out what colour I am.

Sometimes I get decision fatigue. Even with little stuff. Isn’t that crazy? I wasn’t always like that; it’s just where I am right now.

So I’m going to pass on answering this question right now because my brain is overloaded.

And that’s part of my mental health. Knowing where I’m at! (I also know I can’t sprint because I have feet problem, but that’s a different story!)

How about you? How are you?

Need something to help students think about going when the going gets tough? Here’s a Character Social-Emotional Learning unit that includes a set of posters with perseverance strategies.