Are you working on a Saturday?

If you’re reading these words and you’re stressed out because you have to work on the weekend and there’s never enough time…

Email [email protected] with the phrase “Working on a Saturday.” I got you.

I have a friend who has made a rule to never work on Saturdays. I love that she’s being assertive with her work-life balance.

(If you need a social emotional learning lesson to teach students how to be assertive, check out these Communication Lesson Plans.)

Actually, the rest of her week is probably hella out of balance, so keeping Saturdays work free is just a tiny step in the right direction…

May is Mental Health Month.

As teachers, we teach Social Emotional Learning to our students. (And we complain, who’s doing social emotional learning for us!)

But that’s the beauty of the Social Emotional Learning journey. We can do it ourselves. We can become students of ourselves and just notice and wonder how we respond to life’s ups and downs.

Right now, I’m working. (“Working on a Saturday”)

I’m feeling a little bit like a tornado swirl of many colours: excited bright colours, and I have to be careful the whirlwind doesn’t spin too fast and burn out. But I’m feeling motivated.

What about you? How are you feeling?