Do the girls in your class see themselves reflected in Science and STEM roles?

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science DayWhy does this matter?

  • Because our students need to see women as STEM professionals on screen. Yes, the Scully Effect.
  • Are girls equally represented in film today? The paid version of the Who is Invisible challenge asks this question to students in Part 6.
  • Pages 6-7 of the Part 6 handouts explore why our girls need to see themselves represented in resources. You might be surprised to learn the numbers say no, girls are not equally represented yet. Girl characters are out numbered by boys three-to-one. Things haven’t really improved for girls in media in six decades.
  • Check out a watermarked version of this handout. It’s pages 121-122 in the product preview file for this lesson (currently on sale.)