May is Mental Health Awareness month.

So many teachers struggle with anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome or other mental health obstacles.

And yet, we don’t really talk about our own struggles in the staffroom.

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Mental Health is more than just the absence of illness.

It’s also about the ability to bounce back better when life goes up and down.

Here are some Social Emotional Learning lessons to help deal with some common classroom problems…

Do any of these classroom problems sound familiar?

Problem #1: Students don’t try, especially when things don’t work right away. They give up.

Problem #2: Students don’t do the right thing or stand up for each other. Being part of a classroom means being an active citizen. We don’t always agree, but it’s important to speak up.

Problem #3: Students don’t know how to work in groups. Collaboration is not the same as teamwork. One person doing all of the work is not collaboration.

Problem #4: Students are mean, especially when they’re upset. Good communication isn’t just about presentations. It’s also about getting your point across when both sides are upset, and things matter!

Problem #5: Students wait for someone else to solve their problems. Creativity is about connecting ideas in new ways. When you are faced with a tricky problem, we use creativity to create a solution. Creativity is a skill we can learn.

Problem #6: Students believe rumors, gossip, and viral posts. They don’t think for themselves.

Problem #7: ALL OF THE ABOVE 

  • Check out this CHALLENGE TASK. Can your class learn about a growth mindset while trying to stay in a growth mindset at the same time?