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May is Mental Health Awareness month.

What colour are you right now?

Today, I’m a jittery silver with powerful flashes of white. I figured out something that I’m passionate about, and I want to get working on that project.

But I also have to keep an eye on things so I don’t burn out. The engine has been running for a while. A few weeks ago, things were more monotone grey and I know these things come and go for me.

Sometimes I see other people seemingly doing so well. And I have to remind myself, that I’m me, they’re them, and we all move through our own stories.

But I’ve also learned that people who look like they have it all together… well, sometimes, you learn that those people are struggling too. It’s just not always obvious.

Yup, it’s important to talk about social emotional learning with our students. And it’s easy to think that someone else (i.e. our school board) should be responsible for our teacher social emotional learning.

But, I wonder if a powerful turning point is when I realize that I write my own story. I’m the hero of my narratigve. And I can choose to wonder and explore my own social emotional learning on my own. (And with others!)

How about you? How are you?