May is Mental Health Awareness month. As teachers, how often do we take time for ourselves… when there’s so much to do.

Most of the teachers I know are passionate and have difficulty with work-life balance.

Until something happens, and then they have to be assertive and draw lines. I’m only going to do work at school. I’m not going to take home any marking. I’m not going to check my emails at home.

And sometimes that works, until May comes around and you need marks, and you can’t get everything done at school. What does it mean if you can’t get it done? That you’re a bad teacher? (And if your identity and self-worth is tied into your job like mine is / was, then are you a bad person?)

No, it means you’re human.

I’m spending a little bit of time each day, just thinking about what colour I am at that moment in time.

Today (Fri), I’m feeling a calm blue, which is unusual. I don’t often feel calm and I know this moment my change, so I’m enjoying it while it’s here.

How about you? How are you?

If you like learning along side your students, here’s a Character Unit to help students switch into a growth mindset.