Uh oh. It’s April. Where does the time go? You need marks.

Are your students in learning mode or do they need a pep talk? Can you relate to any of these classroom problems?

Problem #1: Students don’t try, especially when things don’t work right away. They give up.

Problem #2: Students don’t do the right thing or stand up for each other. Being part of a classroom means being an active citizen. We don’t always agree, but it’s important to speak up.

Problem #3: Students don’t know how to work in groups. Collaboration is not the same as teamwork. One person doing all of the work is not collaboration.

Problem #4: Students are mean, especially when they’re upset. Good communication isn’t just about presentations. It’s also about getting your point across when both sides are upset, and things matter!

Problem #5: Students wait for someone else to solve their problems. Creativity is about connecting ideas in new ways. When you are faced with a tricky problem, we use creativity to create a solution. Creativity is a skill we can learn.

Problem #6: Students believe rumors, gossip, and viral posts. They don’t think for themselves.

Problem #7: ALL OF THE ABOVE 

  • ➡️ Check out this CHALLENGE TASK. Can your class learn about a growth mindset while trying to stay in a growth mindset at the same time?

My name is Mike Fuchigami. I’m the Grade 8 teacher behind Educircles. 

  • I taught middle school English Language Arts for 13+ years in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • I had a mental health crisis because of something that happened at school.
  • Social Emotional Learning skills (6Cs) literally saved my life. That’s why I’m so passionate about this stuff.
  • I want to help your students develop Growth Mindset and Social Emotional Learning skills.

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