You are not alone.

Week of Sun, May 1, 2022 update: May is Mental Health Awareness time!

Teaching can be a tough gig, especially now.

We do everything for our students, our families, and our work because our job is important and we make a difference.

We don’t really share stories about our own mental health successes and challenges. Fake it til you make it.

  • A first-year teacher is expected to do the same job as a veteran teacher.
  • Imposter syndrome is real.

Sometimes, we feel very alone.

Although we tell others “it’s okay not to be okay,” we often seem to hold ourselves to higher expectations.

If you’re going through a tough time, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay for you to take time for yourself.

If you google crisis line, there are people who can listen and help.

We do social-emotional learning for our students… but, who is doing SEL for us?

Great question.

For me personally, taking care of me starts with me.

  • I have some great family and friends that I’m thankful to have in my corner. While they are great to bounce ideas off of and get an outside perspective on things, I’m the one with the pen. I write my story. But, getting feedback on earlier chapters can help me decide what’s in store for the hero of my story, me.
  • I know how to access professional support when I need it. I’ve spent some time learning about myself. I’m okay with therapy. I have a better idea about when I need to go slow. And…
  • I still make mistakes. I have good days and tough days, just like everyone else. Sometimes, I just take things minute by minute, one thing at a time.

I used to be a Grade 8 teacher.

Something happened at school. I had a mental health crisis.

Here is my story.

I share it because I think we need a balance of stories.

Times can be challenging, but it’s okay to try to take things one day at a time.

  • May is National Mental Health Month in the US.
  • May 2-8, 2022, is Mental Health Week in Canada.

If you read these words, need a helping hand, or just want to say hi, email the phrase “banana bread” to me: [email protected] – let’s see what happens!

Need something more action-based that you can use in your classroom tomorrow?

Are you counting down the days to the end of the school year?

Do your students need a pep talk (so you can keep your sanity?)

What do your students need to work on the most?