Collaboration : Monsters University

For our  Six Cs of Education Unit we have chosen Monsters University (3:45) as one of our ways to represent collaboration.

Collaboration or teamwork as it is often referred to can sometimes be a major challenge for educators.  As students are more and more engrossed in their own devices they can find working together in person a struggle and sometimes just not necessary.

This video addresses the following elements represented in Monsters University :

  • “Can you work in teams by building knowledge together in physical environments , can you interact and work positively with others, in-person, and do you value the perspectives of others”

In this 3:45 second clip from the movie Monsters University we see first hand how working together and emphasizing that differences can be used as strengths really is true.

Recommendation: Have the class enjoy the video once uninterrupted.  The second time through stop the video at key points when the students notice a different “strength” being used.  At the end of the video discuss how each member had something to contribute and that on their own it is very unlikely they would have been successful, but as a group the reached their goal. Through this we are reminded that together we are stronger.

Collaboration Lesson Plan Discussion Ideas:

  • What is a project that is easier completed as a group?
  • What makes group work so challenging sometimes?
  • Do you prefer group work or individual work? Why is that?

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