Non Verbal Communication Example: For the birds - Five Minute Freebie Mini Lesson
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Non Verbal Communication Example: For the Birds

In this Non Verbal Communication example five-minute mini-lesson, there’s no dialogue in the traditional sense.

But, we can still understand how the characters are feeling, just by listening to their voice tone and observing their body language.

Watch the Pixar short film For the Birds (3:25) on YouTube.

This movie has no spoken parts but shows the power of non-verbal communication. 

The messages that can be sent through simply using body language and facial expression.  This film reminds us how much we can share with people without ever saying a word.

Non Verbal Communication Example – Mini Lesson

  1. Have class watch the movie once with no prompts. 
  2. The second time through have them write down times when they noticed a message was being sent (ie. non-verbal communication), and what they think that message was.

Non Verbal Communication Example – Discussion Ideas:

  • When are times that we use non-verbal communication?
  • Why would we choose this method?
  • What are some different messages we can send non-verbally?

Thinking about Non Verbal Communication is an important part of Effective Communication Lesson Plans

So often when we communicate, we’re thinking about what we’re trying to say to the other person, when really, we need to think about HOW we say it to the other person.

A lot of good ideas in arguments / tough conversations get lost because we’re distracted by how angry the other person is saying these words. We feel attacked. We infer meaning beyond just the actual words being said.

You could say, “Ok, fine” in a bunch of different ways:

  • an aggressive way,
  • a passive-aggressive way,
  • a passive way, or an
  • assertive way.

Exploring Non Verbal Communication examples is part of the bigger picture: How can we teach our students strategies to communicate effectively?

What Non Verbal Communication Example do you use in your classroom?

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