The 10,000 Downloads Give Away Contest

UPDATE (April 18, 2020): We just passed the 10K download mark! Find out who won here!

We’ve helped teachers around the world with over 9,923 downloads! That’s awesome!

Teachers are adapting to teaching in a world with Covid-19. It makes sense that there’s a focus on 21st century learning skills to help our students deal with learning in a new way.

Over the past 30 days, here are what other teachers are buying:

So close to 10,000 downloads!

We’re only a few downloads away from hitting the 10K mark!

To celebrate this milestone, I will be giving away my MEGA BUNDLE for free to the first 3 teachers to purchase a resource after I hit 10,000 downloads.

Things to know:

  1. Winners will be notified by my email newsletter so make sure to sign up to find out if you won.
  2. The sales information from Teachers Pay Teachers only tells me the names of buyers and the time you download my lesson plans – so please make sure to download the product right away after you make the purchase.
  3. In my Thursday April 16 newsletter email, I will announce the date and times of the 3 people who were first to download a purchased product after I hit the 10,000 download mark.
  4. If you think you purchased and downloaded a product at the winning date and times, please email me at [email protected]
  5. If your name matches the buyer name that I have from my sales information report from Teachers Pay Teachers, then you won! I will send you a link to download a copy of the MEGA Bundle.

Contest Rules

A few more things to know:

  1. Winning teachers have until April 30, 2020 to email me at [email protected] to claim their prize.
  2. There are 3 bundles that will be given away but the prizes have no monetary value. They cannot be exchanged or transferred and they do not have any cash value.
  3. The bundle prize zipped file will be given to prize winners using an exclusive download account.
    • Obtaining the bundle prize zipped file will require creating a free account on our SEOT.ca site to get the download link.
    • This is to maintain the security of the zipped file.
    • We are not able to provide access to the zipped file through the Teachers Pay Teachers system.
  4. This contest is being done completely separate from our Teachers Pay Teachers storefront.
    • Normally, if you purchase one of our resources and then upgrade to the bundle, you are able to get a refund from TpT for the initial resource you purchased from TpT because you’ve purchased duplicate content.
    • If you win this 10,000 download door prize contest, you are receiving individual access to the prize bundle zipped file completely separate from TpT.
    • Therefore, you will not be able to receive any refunds from TpT for duplicate content because you have not purchased the bundle from TpT.
    • Likewise, Educircles.org will also not be able to provide any refunds for lessons previously purchased on TpT that are included in the prize bundle zipped file from our SEOT.ca download site.
  5. No purchase is required to enter this contest. 
    • Click here to get our free Resolutions setting paragraph activity
    • Download the resource.
    • Take a screenshot that shows when the resource was downloaded (see sample screenshot below.)
    • Email [email protected] a copy of the screenshot.
  6. Winners will need to answer a skill-testing question to be eligible for their prize.
  7. Contest void where prohibited.
  8. You must be of legal adult age to participate in this contest.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Good luck!

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