June FREEBIE, New SEL Reading Passage, and Critical Thinking Price Drop!

Hey Middle School and High School teachers,

For those of you who are done the school year…

  • I hope you have a fantastic and restful summer vacation.

For those of you who are still teaching…

  • Here’s a free video lesson to keep your students engaged with lively debate. Should ChatGPT be allowed in schools (or is this cheating?) The video literally tells you when to pause for class discussion.
  • Need something more pen-and-paper? Grab the free Reading Comprehension passage below about comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

NEW RESOURCE: “Stand-up, Sips, and Seinfeld”

High-Interest SEL Differentiated Reading Comprehension Passage about comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld worked hard to perfect his craft. He’s now worth over $950 million.

  • What can we learn from his comedic process?
  • How did he tinker with a new web series format (Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee), until he cracked the code to success?
  • During the first ten episodes, even Seinfeld wasn’t sure it would work. But, he kept going.
  • What can students learn from the creative learning process Seinfeld used to succeed?

Here’s Educircles Club Freebie #15:

  • Click the red button to immediately download the attached article, SEL lesson and discussion questions (6 page PDF).
  • The article goes over two Tinkering Social Emotional Learning Ideas: 1. Going through a lot of stuff and 2. Watching, Wondering, Trying, and Tinkering until you reach your goals
  • If you already have the Everything Bundle, you get this resource for free. Click here to immediately download the full resource. (Make sure you are logged into your TPT account or the link won’t work.)


As a special thank you to those of you who opened up this email right away, the full resource is free until Fri Jun 9, 2023 at 11:59 PM (ET.)

The full resource includes 4 different reading levels, perfect for students above, at, or below grade level.

You also get a 6-page worksheet and 12-page answer key to help you lead powerful discussions. (Plus, there’s also a 3-page bonus answer key to help you show students how to repair comprehension as they read.)



I have a 6Cs Critical Thinking bundle that includes $100 of resources (including the ChatGPT stuff.)

TPT limits the discount I can offer to 50%, so the bundle normally sells for $50.

I’ve temporarily “hacked” the price of the included resources to offer this bundle at $17.70.

(Read more about the 6Cs Critical Thinking Lesson Plans.)

Why the special price drop?

Because my court case against the Ontario College of Teachers is this week.

I believe in Active Citizenship and Critical Thinking.

Check out this video at 17:02 to see why I’m taking the Ontario College of Teachers to court.

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Collaboration ideas?

Let me know what you think by replying to this email!

Cheers, Mike

Michael Fuchigami

[email protected]

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