ASK YOUR STUDENTS: How are people who are Arab or Arab American portrayed in the media?

April is Arab Heritage Month.

  • This FREE social-emotional learning lesson is great for those classroom cultures that are ready for it.
  • The “Who is Invisible” resource doesn’t mention a specific group of people.
  • Instead, students watch a series of videos and have conversations around who is included, and who is under represented or missing entirely.
  • Is this conversation┬ásomething your students are ready for?

Social-Emotional Learning is a long journey. It’s not a single lesson or a period once-a-week where we try to build self-awareness and social awareness.

A lot of social-emotional learning happens through teachable moments and impromptu conversations in the classroom.

Conversations around race and power are difficult.

I once heard someone on the internet say, “media shapes mindset”

Do you agree with that?

If that’s the case, what is media teaching us?

And, what are we doing to explore and think critically about media?

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