GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS: Perseverance Bulletin Board Ideas
(including free growth mindset posters PDF)

Ten FREE Growth Mindset Posters for your bulletin board. Yes. Free growth mindset printables (PDF).

Remind Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School students that we can overcome obstacles by trying different strategies.

The world is constantly spinning. (Hello, covid. Please stop!)

And change is hard.

Now is the perfect time to boost social and emotional learning skills with our students.

PRO TIP: These Growth Mindset posters (PDF) look great beside your existing motivational quotes and other perseverance images.

  • Inspiring students to take action is the first step.
  • Empowering students with open ended life skills is equally important!

How do we respond to unpredictable challenges?

  • Covid-19?
  • Ongoing challenges like systemic racism?
  • Academic challenges in class?
  • Social challenges at school? (bullying, mean students, group acceptance, popularity contests…)

Start with the pep talk about how others have succeeded and so can you.

Then show students “HOW” to succeed.

Perseverance quotes can be fun and motivational…

but do your printable Growth Mindset Posters also show students HOW to keep going when things get tough?

And that’s key.

It’s easy to say “Don’t give up” or “Winners don’t quit…”

Okay. So if I need to quit right now, then what? I’m a loser?

(No, it means you’re not there, yet. But with strategies, effort, optimization, and tinkering, you’ll be able to achieve your goals.)

Let’s give those inspirational quotes on our walls a boost! How about we go beyond one-time New Year Resolutions.

Goals are not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. The hardest part about getting what we want is to keep working on our goals – even when things are tough…

Let’s show students HOW to survive and thrive!

(Psst, you can download our growth mindset printables pdf free here.)

It’s also easy to add a bunch of growth mindset quotes like “just add yet to the end of the sentence” or “mindset is more important than ability”… but then what?

The missing piece of the puzzle to a perseverance bulletin board is to encourage students by giving them specific strategies on HOW to not give up.

This means

  1. explicitly teaching students about a Growth Mindset, but also
  2. teach students strategies to use as we take things one day at a time…

We need to explicitly teach our students strategies to overcome obstacles.

Your classroom decor looks great. Now let’s add some resources to give students suggestions on what they can try when they get stuck.

We can do this by putting students into a Growth Mindset (with this one secret phrase) and then using a strategy-based skills approach to build character. Grit, tenacity, and resilience are key skills to help students overcome academic and life challenges.

  • Back to school was a great time to show students how to persevere and overcome difficult moments.
  • Now is the second best time to introduce a growth mindset.
  • The free growth mindset printables pdf posters in this set work great as a stand alone lesson. If you like this kind of stuff, you might want to check out my character education lesson plans which include a student mindset survey, as well as an activity to allow students to practice perseverance strategies.

Conversations about Growth Mindset sometimes can happen a lot more in elementary and middle school than in high school.

The reality is that trying to keep a growth mindset is about focusing on the process.

  • Believe it or not, this is still an important concept for high school students to hear.
  • In fact, this whole adulting thing is hard. Mindset is important. It’s not just a middle school thing!

Growth and Fixed Mindset Posters (PDF) should SHOW students HOW to develop a Growth Mindset

Teachers love finding perseverance bulletin board ideas or putting up Growth Mindset Posters (PDF) up on the classroom walls to help inspire students to persevere and not give up!

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, school is tough.

How often do you hear your students say,

“I tried, it didn’t work. I give up!”

Typical Frustrated Student

One way to help students to teach them the difference between a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset in your classroom. Tell your students that research shows we can choose to shift our mindset just by asking a few questions or phrasing our feedback differently.

  • A Fixed Mindset is where we think our abilities are innate – we were born that way. Some people are smart, and some aren’t, and that’s just the way it is.
  • A Growth Mindset is one where we think of our abilities as fluid and malleable. With work and effort and by applying strategies, we can become better or change our abilities.

In fact, one simple strategy of adding the word “yet” to the end of a negative sentence can help us to start to challenge our attitudes.

Instead of saying,

“I can’t do this,”

Student with a FIXED MINDSET

try saying,

“I can’t do this… yet

Student with a GROWTH MINDSET

Adding the word, “yet” is a great first step to getting out of a fixed mindset and thinking you’re not smart enough to do this. Yet means we haven’t got that skill right now, but we could one day.

Ok. Now what?

No, seriously. How do we show students how to pick ourselves up and keep going when the going gets tough

Perseverance bulletin board ideas that provide strategies to overcome obstacles!

Encourage a growth mindset in your classroom!

Providing concrete strategies on your bulletin board display can help your class to become more self-sufficient and overcome learned helplessness.

Sometimes students want to get better, but they get stuck. (And then they give up)

  • Here is a set of Perseverance Bulletin Board Ideas with 8 common classroom obstacles and 40 strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • The Growth Mindset Bulletin Board SET includes the posters themselves, as well as mini versions of the posters in a Growth Mindset Handouts format so that your students can keep a copy in their binders.

FREE Printable Growth Mindset Posters (PDF):

Here’s a free little taste of our growth mindset posters which includes:

  • 2 common classroom obstacles
  • 8 strategies to overcome these obstacles

SAVE TIME: Download the Growth Mindset Printables PDF FREE set

Instead of saving the images below one by one, why not just download the FREE growth mindset posters PDF by clicking here.

Your motivational posters bulletin board just leveled up!

Printable Poster PDF slide 6 - Obstacle #3: I got distracted


I got distracted.

Poster #1

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 7 - strategy: set a time to do it

Set a time to do it

Schedule time to do it or it won’t get done.

You’ll forget, or you’ll end up doing something else more fun. Try doing it at the same time so it becomes a routine.

Poster #2

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 8 - strategy: make it a habit

Make it a habit

We are what we do repeatedly. The more we do something, the easier it becomes.

Figure out what you want to do, and find a strategy to help you do it over and over again until it becomes second nature.

Poster #3

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 9 - strategy: write it down

Write it down

It’s hard to remember everything. Sometimes writing things down makes it easier to handle and remember, especially if you have an organized system like a notebook or agenda.

(Psst. What about using your phone to type it down? Or is that too much of a distraction?)

Poster #4

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 10 - strategy: avoid friends

Avoid Friends

FRIENDS ARE GREAT. Except when they slow you down and distract you from getting things done.

Play when it’s time to play. Work when it’s time to work. Sometimes, this means not working with your bestie or BFF.

Poster #5

Printable Poster PDF slide 1 - obstacle 6: I tried but it didn't work. I give up.


I tried, but it didn’t work.

I give up.

Poster #6

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 2 - strategy: chunk it out

Chunk it out

Make a hard task easier by breaking it into smaller pieces and doing one thing at a time.

  • What do you need to do first?
  • Can you start with the easiest task first?
  • Can you start with a fun part first?

Poster #7

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 3 - strategy: try something new

Try something new

Think about something you really like that used to be new. Today, it’s probably comfortable and familiar, but when you first started, it was probably scary.

Sometimes the unknown can be scary. But, remember: new things are only new once. 

Poster #8

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 5 - strategy: restart


TRY AGAIN: The first time you try something, it may not work the way you want it to. Learn from your mistakes and try again. Keep trying until you figure it out.

You can click that restart button as often as you like! 

Poster #9

FREE Growth Mindset Poster PDF slide 1a - strategy: add the word yet

Add the word “yet”

Instead of saying “I can’t do this”, say, “I can’t do this … yet!

A small word can make a big change in attitude. It gets your brain wondering about how could you do it (instead of getting stuck complaining about how you can’t…) 

Poster #10

If you like the Printable Growth Mindset Posters FREE edition, then you’ll love the FULL set of Growth Mindset Posters (PDF)

which includes all of the obstacles and strategies in the Growth Mindset Posters FREE set and more. Your classroom decor and motivational posters bulletin board display just got a power up!

The full set includes a total of:

  • 8 common classroom obstacles
  • 40 strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • Full colour and “Black and White friendly” PDF posters of the obstacles & strategies
  • Student Handout PDF versions of the posters with 4 posters per slide
  • Google Slideshow and Microsoft Powerpoint versions of the slideshows to show your class
  • You can edit the posters and handouts by modifying the Google Slideshow or Powerpoint files. This way, you can customize the strategies for your classroom needs.
  • A sample lesson plan on how to introduce these strategies to your students.

The full download is also available in FRENCH: (Version Française)

NOTE: We don’t have any inspirational quotes in this zipped file.

Instead, what we focused on are common classroom obstacles and strategies for students to try.

These printable growth mindset posters are one way to reinforce the growth mindset lessons that we embed into our day-to-day teaching for our students.

The goal is to encourage a growth mindset by explicitly teaching strategies.

  • If we stop at simply explaining the difference between growth and fixed mindsets, we’re missing half of the story.
  • If we just tell them to add “yet” at the end of the sentence, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are our 21st century bulletin board ideas:

Bulletin board example from my classroom
Growth Mindset Bulletin Board SET at the back of my Grade 8 classroom. You can also see the handout package as well… (Posters PDF)

BIG PICTURE: Build a Growth Mindset in your classroom

Students will get a chance to:

  1. practice goal setting, overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
  2. build a repertoire of strategies to help us overcome obstacles.
  3. reinforce a Growth Mindset by recognizing that by applying strategies, they can learn, and become better.
Slide asking educators to teach students HOW to not give up... with a growth mindset

How to use the Growth mindset posters printable file

In the classroom:

Homeroom Teachers could use this in their classrooms to introduce character and growth mindsets.

In the school:

Principals, Admin, Division Leaders could use this package in their schools to create a common language and exploration of growth mindset.

  • School Learning Plans (SLPs) exploring “Growth Mindsets”
  • Common Language, Common Learning Goals

Ultimately, this chapter is meant to kick off a year / lifetime of discussion, as opposed to being a one-off activity. We can encourage a growth mindset throughout the school year, and not just at the beginning of school when everyone is fresh and excited!

If all classes start off with the same approach, then throughout the year, as teachers do different activities, you could still connect it back to concepts of growth mindset, and how to persevere.

Lots of schools like to put up a growth mindset bulletin board.

This growth mindset posters printable just happens to have strategies for students to try, instead of just inspirational quotes.

Posters and handouts come in colour versions or black & white friendly versions

SAMPLE LESSON PLAN to go with the printable GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS (PDF) and student handouts


  • Introduce goal settings & model thinking
  • Student Think, Pair, Share their own goal

LESSON 2 – OBSTACLES to GOAL SETTING & STRATEGIES TO OVERCOME (50 minutes, the following week)

  • Review goals from last week
  • Pushing through the wall example
  • Identify Obstacles – slideshow / package
  • Identify Strategies to overcome obstacles – slideshow / package


  • Photocopy a class set of a strategy package
    • Obstacle handout
    • Strategies to overcome obstacles handout.
  • Slideshow
  • (OPTIONAL) Put the growth mindset bulletin board set posters up in your room. (see photos at end for ideas.)

LESSON 3 and onwards

  • Have continued conversations about which strategies work well, and
  • which strategies we should eliminate from our bulletin board.
  • Get students to try to refer to the bulletin board strategies as they get stuck doing other class work.


  1. Instead of showing all 40 strategies at once, break them into smaller groups and try reviewing some every week.
  2. Give all 40 printable growth mindset posters to students (4 per page), and have them evaluate which strategies would be most effective against which obstacles. Recognize that many strategies are similar. Also, many strategies are effective to overcome multiple obstacles.
  3. Put obstacle and strategy posters up in school hallways beside other inspirational posters and growth mindset posters. The idea is that a growth mindset is possible… and the strategies help you figure out how to do it.

DOWNLOAD this Teachers Pay Teachers GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS SET to show students what to do when they get stuck!

Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom by giving character perseverance strategies that empower students. Your students need more than just motivational posters with cute pictures.

Here’s what you get in a pretty zipped file:

Common Classroom Obstacles 

  • 8 pages
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Strategies to Overcome Obstacles 

  • 40 pages
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Growth Mindset Worksheets for Students (PDF): Common Classroom Obstacles

  • 3 pages  (4 strategies per page.)
  • The last page has blank obstacles for students to write their own challenges
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Growth Mindset Worksheets for Students (PDF): Strategies to Overcome Obstacles

  • 10 pages (4 strategies per page)
  • The last page has blank obstacles for students to write their own challenges
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Powerpoint Slideshow (PPT)

  • 56 Slides!
  • Customizable Powerpoint PPT file so you can change the slideshow, posters, and handouts to fit your classroom needs.

Google Slideshow: 2 Google Slides links

  • 56 Slides!
  • Get a Google Slideshow link so you can present the slideshow as is (right away without any changes)
  • Get a different Google Slideshow link to make a copy in your own Google Drive and modify the slideshow, posters, and handouts to fit your specific needs.

Lesson Plan (PDF)

  • 2 lessons to introduce goal setting, and overcoming challenges
  • 6 pages.


  • By the way, these Growth Mindset Printables go great with these Character Education Lesson Plans.
  • If you haven’t heard about the one magic phrase that teachers should use, check out this post about Growth Mindset lessons. (Obviously, there’s no one magic phrase, but it’s still worth a look. Can you guess what the phrase is before you click here?)
  • I added a margin to all of the posters to make it easier to print. Download the updated version to build character and promote a growth mindset in your classroom! Decorate your classroom with more than inspirational quotes.

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How do you encourage students from giving up? What Growth Mindset posters do you use?