Growth Mindset Posters (PDF) should SHOW students HOW to develop a Growth Mindset

It’s very easy to talk about Growth Mindset with our students and to start them to challenge their attitudes, simply by adding the word “yet” to the end of a sentence.

Instead of saying, “I can’t do this,” you say, “I can’t do this… yet”

Great first step to getting out of a fixed mindset and thinking you’re not smart enough to do this.

Ok. Now what?

Perseverance Bulletin Board Ideas that provide Strategies to Overcome Obstacles!

Providing concrete strategies can help your class to become more self-sufficient and overcome learned helplessness. Sometimes students want to get better, but they get stuck.

  • Here is a set of Perseverance Bulletin Board Ideas with 8 common classroom obstacles and 40 strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • The Growth Mindset Posters (PDF) includes the posters themselves, as well as mini versions of the posters in a Growth Mindset Handouts format so that your students can keep a copy in their binders.

This download is available in FRENCH: GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS (Version Française)

In this Growth Mindset Poster PDF package, we provide:

  • 8 common classroom obstacles and 40 strategies to overcome them.
  • Full colour and “Black and White friendly” Posters of the obstacles & strategies
  • Student Handout versions of the posters with 4 posters per slide
  • Google Slideshow and Microsoft Powerpoint versions of the slideshows to show your class
  • You can edit the Google Slideshow or Powerpoint files to customize the strategies for your classroom needs.
  • A sample lesson plan on how to introduce these strategies to your students.


Students will get a chance to:

  1. practice goal setting, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals.
  2. build a repertoire of strategies to help us overcome obstacles.
  3. reinforce a Growth Mindset by recognizing that by applying strategies, they can learn, and become better.
Slide asking educators to teach students HOW to not give up... with a growth mindset


Homeroom Teachers could use this in their classrooms to introduce character and growth mindsets.

School leaders (Principals, Admin, Division Leaders) could use this package in their schools to create a common language and exploration of growth mindset.

  • School Learning Plans (SLPs) exploring “Growth Mindsets”
  • Common Language, Common Learning Goals

Ultimately, this chapter is meant to kick off a year / lifetime of discussion, as opposed to being a one-off activity. If all classes start off with the same approach, then throughout the year, as teachers do different activities, you could still connect it back to concepts of growth mindset, and how to persevere.

Growth Mindset posters and handouts come in colour versions or black & white friendly versions



  • Introduce goal settings & model thinking
  • Student Think, Pair, Share their own goal

LESSON 2 – OBSTACLES to GOAL SETTING & STRATEGIES TO OVERCOME (50 minutes, the following week)

  • Review goals from last week
  • Pushing through the wall example
  • Identify Obstacles – slideshow / package
  • Identify Strategies to overcome obstacles – slideshow / package


  • Photocopy a class set of a strategy package
    • Obstacle handout
    • Strategies to overcome obstacles handout.
  • Slideshow
  • (OPTIONAL) Put posters up in your room. (see photos at end for ideas.)

Growth Mindset Poster LESSON 3 and onwards

  • Have continued conversations about which strategies work well, and
  • which strategies we should eliminate from our bulletin board.
  • Get students to try to refer to the bulletin board strategies as they get stuck doing other class work.


  1. Instead of showing all 40 strategies at once, break them into smaller groups and try reviewing some every week.
  2. Give all 40 strategies to students, and have them evaluate which strategies would be most effective against which obstacles. Recognize that many strategies are similar. Also, many strategies are effective to overcome multiple obstacles.
  3. Put obstacle and strategy posters up in school hallways beside other inspirational posters and growth mindset posters. The idea is that a growth mindset is possible… and the strategies help you figure out how to do it.

DOWNLOAD this GROWTH MINDSET lesson package to show students what to do when they get stuck!

GROWTH MINDSET POSTERS: Character perseverance strategies that empower

Here's what you get in a pretty zipped file:

Growth Mindset Posters (PDF): Common Classroom Obstacles

  • 8 pages
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Growth Mindset Posters (PDF): Strategies to Overcome Obstacles

  • 40 pages
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Growth Mindset Student Handout (PDF): Common Classroom Obstacles

  • 3 pages  (4 strategies per page.)
  • The last page has blank obstacles for students to write their own challenges
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Growth Mindset Student Handout (PDF): Strategies to Overcome Obstacles

  • 10 pages (4 strategies per page)
  • The last page has blank obstacles for students to write their own challenges
  • Colour and “Black and White” friendly versions

Growth Mindset Posters Powerpoint Slideshow (PPT)

  • 56 Slides!
  • Customizable Powerpoint PPT file so you can change the slideshow, posters, and handouts to fit your classroom needs.

Growth Mindset Posters Google Slideshow: 4 Google Slides links

  • 56 Slides!
  • Get a Google Slideshow link so you can present the slideshow as is (right away without any changes)
  • Get a different Google Slideshow link to make a copy in your own Google Drive and modify the slideshow, posters, and handouts to fit your specific needs.

Growth Mindset Posters - Lesson Plan (PDF)

  • 2 lessons to introduce goal setting, and overcoming challenges
  • 6 pages.

The Growth Mindset posters can be edited using Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint

Other Resources about Growth Mindset and Character that you might want to look at

Visit our TpT store or our website for more information.

Chapter 1. A week of Character

In this lesson,

  • we provide a week of lessons (7 lessons)
  • slideshow, handouts, and answer key to help teachers develop perseverance strategies and empower their students.
  • a growth mindset self-assessment survey to do with students
  • a sudoku activity to experience obstacles and practice using strategies to overcome frustration. (The posters in this package would go very well with this activity.)

How do you use Growth Mindset Posters PDF on your bulletin boards?


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