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Axe Body Spray has a Florida school bus stopped (FREE Critical Thinking mini-lesson slideshow)

5 Things you need to know:

  • In Florida, a school bus carrying 30 middle school students had to be evacuated due to an unknown strong odour.
  • The bus driver evacuated the bus, radioed dispatch who then called 911.
  • Emergency services treated the students who had been affected.
  • No one was seriously injured.
  • The strong smell turned out to be Axe Body Spray.

Watch the Video:

3 Quotes to think about:

Quote #1:

On Monday, the Parrish Fire Department and Manatee County EMS responded to a “hazardous materials incident” onboard a local school bus after several students complained of a strong odor, according to a statement from the PFD.

SOURCE: Statement from Parrish Fire Department as reported by Joelle Goldstein for People.com

Quote #2:

The buses have air-conditioning and the windows were closed during the ride due to the warm weather, which exacerbated the smell, School District of Manatee County spokesperson Mike Barber told TODAY.

…The school can not confirm or deny that Axe Body Spray specifically was the culprit in causing the smell, although one student did have a bottle of empty Axe Body Spray in his backpack, according to Barber.

SOURCE: Scott Stump, Today.com

Quote #3:

Here’s what Parrish Fire District Division Chief Mike Williamson said about this incident:

On a serious note, this was a very good total collaboration of an emergency response between the fire department, EMS, the sheriff’s office and the school board,” Williamson said. “It was a good test. We take everything as a serious threat because we can’t afford not to.”

SOURCE: Scott Stump, Today.com

(Bonus question for those of you who have done the Collaboration Chapter and know the difference between collaboration, cooperation, coordination and teamwork. We often say collaboration when we mean teamwork. Was the emergency response by the fire department, emergency medical system, the sheriff’s office, and the school board collaboration, cooperation, or coordination? There’s a difference!)

Critical Thinking Mini-Lesson

Here’s a strategy to help you think more critically: Be FULL minded:

  • Sometimes, we make a quick decision with limited information.
  • Try to fill your mind with high-quality information to help you make an informed decision.
  • Look for facts from opposing points of view to challenge your opinions. 
  • Be open-minded.

One aspect of critical thinking means to be “full minded” when we make an informed decision. 

Based on that, how would you answer the following questions:  

Critical Thinking Discussion Questions

  1. Did the school bus driver make the right decision or should it have been handled differently?
  2. What consequences, if any, do you think the student or students who sprayed the Axe should face?
  3. Was this a good use of resources considering how much it would cost to have the fire department, ambulances and police arrive on the scene?

Free Lesson Slideshow

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