Our 2020 New Year’s Resolution to you. (HINT: Free stuff to make your life easier)

Teachers are super busy.

It makes sense. We’re swamped with lesson prep, marking, classroom management, parent communication, differentiation for student needs, staff meetings, professional development… the list goes on.

Teaching is a very rewarding profession. But, it can also be an all-consuming profession at the same time.

If you give it 110% in the classroom, then chances are you also think a lot about work-life balance. That’s where our Educircles 2020 New Year’s Resolution comes in:

Our goal is to post a free 21st Century Learning lesson every week.

  • It will include talking points, a video, and discussion questions about an issue that will engage your students.
  • If you’re an English Language Arts teacher (or you need an activity to leave behind for a substitute teacher) then you’ll love that there’s a handout (at 3 different reading levels), as well as a paragraph writing activity/rubric!

What’s the catch? The lesson slideshow will always be free, but if you want the printable version of the article, you’ll have to download it within a week of posting.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours and best wishes for the New Year!


Mike Fuchigami

PS: You should really do this FREE lesson with your class on the first day back in January.

PPS: Here’s a FREE goal setting slideshow for students

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