Creativity: The Slam Dunk Lesson Plan

Every year a highlight of the NBA season is the annual slam dunk competition. This has been a showcase of premium talent for many, many years. Most people know how to dunk a basketball.  You just make sure that with either one hand or two you are able to get above the rim and slam the ball through. Those are the basics.

To be invited to this competition you are part of a select few that are extremely creative and you do things different than others.  Beyond that to win at it, you need to be highly creative.

Here are a few links that show some great dunks

Below is the basic dunk, you won’t get invited for one of these. Start at 1:20

Below are some of the greatest dunks of all time. Start at 3:05 end when you see fit.

Questions to ask your class about Creativity:

Ccomparing the two videos, what are some of the differences between the two videos

  • What are some of the creative differences?
  • Was the first video creative? why/why not?
  • Which dunk did you like the most and why?

CREATIVITY LEARNING SKILL: Are you innovative and creative?

  1. Can they enhance and explore ideas in creative ways and bring these ideas to action to meet the needs of a community?
  2. Do they use imagination when creating a plan to develop an entrepreneurial project?
  3. Do they improve ideas and experiment with them to try to solve a real-world problem in their community?

I think this video is all about showing how slam dunk competitions showcase creativity and feats of athleticism. It’s rare to do this in a game because you don’t have enough space. But once a year at the NBA all star game, the best athletes in the world show off their moves.

The real world problem is trying to come up with a way to dunk it better. That’s the challenge. It’s not a real world problem like solving hunger, or famine, but the problem posed doesn’t have to be about world peace. It could be what’s the fastest way to get to school? How do you dunk a basketball? How do you get into those yoghurt tubes that are super tricky?

That is why the slam dunk lesson plan represents creativity, one of our 6 C’s.

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