Communication: The Joey Chestnut Lesson Plan

Joey Chestnut is an American competitive eater.  He is best known for his tremendous history of success at the Nates Hot Dog eating contest in Cony Island (New York City).

Competitive eating competitions are amazing and here is the story of the greatest eater of all time!  He won his 11th title and in the process set a new world record by eating 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  He is truly and incredible eater and he said why “I love to eat and beat the heck out of people”.

Joey makes a little over $200,000 a year USD and earns every cent by crushing dogs in an epic fashion.  He is a polite champ who hails from California and at 34 years of age has many good years left!

Questions to ask your class about Communication:

Watch and listen to the video.

COMMUNICATION LEARNING SKILL: Do you communicate well?

  1. Can you express meaning in multiple ways, in a variety of contexts, including virtual spaces.
  2. Do you ask questions and listen actively to understand what is being communicated?
  3. Do you clearly express themselves, verbally in writing, and using different kinds of technology?
  4. Can you understand and respect many different local, national, and global perspectives?

This video is all about an announcer who has an impressive array of ways in which he describes Joey and getting the crowd excited about his arrival.

Can your student clearly express themselves and share what they are thinking introducing a variety of references showing a deeper understanding of local or world events which make what they are saying more relatable and interesting for their audience.

That is why the Joey Chestnut lesson plan represents communication, one of our 6 C’s.

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