Character : Will Smith

For our  Six Cs of Education Unit we have chosen Will Smith as of the people to represent character.

Will Smith is an entertainment mogul.  He is a rapper (Fresh Prince), television star (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and has been a massive talent in the movies for years.  Will Smith has truly made a name for himself and a name that everyone has heard.

In the video below he speaks of what he has done to garner the success he has.

Will says “I’ve never viewed myself as particularly talented, where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic” as well as

“While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working” It is this kind of mind set that truly sets him apart.

The video below is a compilation of his thoughts and gives you just a glimpse into the kind of character and beliefs of this man. For other people look into our Character Learning Skills lesson plan.

Character Lesson Plan Discussion Ideas:

  • What makes Will Smith different than some other actors?
  • Which of Will Smith’s claims to fame do you find the most impressive? Which would you pick for yourself and why?
  • What is one thing we can learn from Will Smith?

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