Citizenship : If the World Were 100

For our  Six Cs of Education Unit we have chosen If the World were 100 (2:28 in length) represent citizenship.

This video breaks down keys areas of what is happening in the world if the total population of the world were just 100.  This quick two and a half minute video opens up so many conversations and shares so much eye opening information with your class that you will be blown away.  A few areas are:

  • Gender breakdown
  • Nationalites
  • Division of the worlds wealth
  • Languages spoken
  • Religion
  • Physical Health
  • Access to technology

The video addresses the following areas: Do you understand local and global perspectives and address environmental, social, and economic problems through engaged citizenship. It also leads to the key question of Do you take action to make a positive difference in the community and the world?

My recommendation is to show your class the video once in full.  The second time through stop it at the key points you would like to focus on drawing attention to facts that you believe are most valuable for your specific discussion.  You may also want to have a class discussion on how we can all make a positive difference in our community and the world.

Citizenship Lesson Plan Discussion Ideas:

  • Which fact do you find most surprising?
  • Of all the issues presented which one would you try to improve first?
  • Can you think of something important that the video did not mention?

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