Collaboration : Animals working together

For our  Six Cs of Education Unit we have these bus commercials (1:22) as one of our ways to represent collaboration.

Collaboration or teamwork as it is often referred to can sometimes be a major challenge for educators.  As students are more and more engrossed in their own devices they can find working together in person a struggle and sometimes just not necessary.

This video addresses the following elements represented in Monsters University :

  • “Can you work in teams by building knowledge together in physical environments , can you interact and work positively with others, in-person, and do you value the perspectives of others”

In this 1:22 second clip from three different commercials made by the same bus company we see team work in full effect. The first commercial shows how a group of penguins work together to protect themselves from a shark.  The second commercial shows how a group of ants work together to survive the attack of an ant eater. The third commercial shows how a series of crabs work together to survive the attack of a seagull.

Recommendation: Have the class enjoy the entire video once uninterrupted.  The second time through stop the video after each commercial and discuss what they see.

Collaboration Lesson Plan Discussion Ideas:

  • Which video do you think they had to work together the most?
  • Which video do you like the most and why?
  • Do you think most people prefer group work? Why or why not?

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