Are you co-creating rubrics with your class?

Well, if you are not, no worries because I’m about to help you!

Look, the world is changing rapidly, and it’s going to continually change throughout 2020 and the rest of the 21st century.

By showing our students how to collaborate well and co-create something new, we are giving them transferable skills that they can use in your class, but also in other classes, their relationships, and at work.

Here’s a FREE LESSON PLAN on how to co-create rubrics with students.

(And we’re talking more than just having a class conversation and getting students to tell us what should be on the rubric… and then guiding them towards the success criteria that’s already on the rubric that we photocopied before the lesson.)

If you do this lesson plan now, your students will have more strategies when they’re collaborating and building on each other’s ideas later on.  


Mike Fuchigami

PS: Here’s the one phrase that teachers should use during school activities 

PPS: Here’s a lesson plan on how to teach 21st Century Skills / Global Competencies and find similarities and differences between the 6 Cs.

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