Black Friday Lesson and Black Friday Sale!

Nov 29, 2019 update: Our sale is on right now! Save 20-80% off all of our products. After this 4-day sale blitz, our 21st century learning lessons will go back to regular price. (Except for the bundle. The bundle is designed to save you time and money.)

In case you missed it, this coming Friday is Black Friday! (And, Monday is Cyber Monday!)

Last year, this shopping weekend generated over 17.8 billion dollars in online sales on American websites. 

Heck, you’re probably looking for some online deals right now!

But, watch out for the fake reviews on Amazon and the Amazon’s Choice label… 

Here’s a free lesson to help students (and teachers!) think more critically when shopping online!

We also have a store-wide sale for the Black Friday weekend (Fri, Nov 29 to Mon, Dec 2): Save 20-80% on our Educircles 21st Century Skills / Competency resources. 

Which of our resources will encourage a growth mindset in your students the most?


Mike Fuchigami

PS: Here’s an article about how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and how that can make you a better teacher.

PPS: Here’s a free tutorial for TpT Teacher-Sellers to create a map showing where in the world people buy their resources.

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