End of Holidays Panic Sale (and a free creativity / innovation discussion lesson for Monday)

Are you struggling to find things to teach on Monday?

You probably don’t want to go too deep into your regular program because some students will still be on vacation and everyone else will be excited to catch up with friends.

Well, today I’m solving that problem for you. I’ve just posted our third 21st Century Learning discussion article.

It’s a creativity / innovation discussion about a man in Australia who cooked a pork roast in his car last month during a record breaking heat wave.

You get quick facts to lead a discussion, a video to show your students, and a strategy to teach your students how to be more creative / innovative.

There’s even a free slideshow that walks your class through the gist of the topic and discussion questions.

As a thank you to followers, here is the dropbox link to download the early bird bonus – a reading response article that I wrote at three different reading levels: Grade 5, Grade 8, and Grade 10 (approximately). NOTE: the dropbox link only works for one week, so don’t miss out!

I hope you like the Friday Freebie and enjoy your last long weekend before the January crunch begins!


Mike Fuchigami

PS: I’m having a flash-sale this weekend (Jan 4-5, 2020) to help ease the end-of-holiday-panic! Save 20% off everything in our TpT store!

PPS: My 2020 New Year Resolution is to publish one free lesson a week. I’m measuring success by counting the number of lessons published. I’m optimizing my efforts by keeping track of how long it takes me to write a lesson and figuring out where I can become more efficient. If your students are like most people and their goal-setting strategy is to “set it and forget it”, then you might want to show them this lesson package on how to work SMARTER and not just harder.

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