Newsletter Cover - There's more to asking questions than just asking questions

Do your students know there’s more to Asking Questions…

… than just asking questions.

We often tell our students that there’s no such thing as a bad question to encourage students to ask more questions.

But, in fact, some questions are better than others.

Here are 4 different pro tips to show students how to ask questions when they’re actively reading to help them actually think and engage with a text.

But, asking questions is more than a reading strategy, it’s a transferrable skill which means it’s a LIFE strategy.

Before you tell your students to think critically and question (mis)information they hear in an article or on social media, look at this video. It tells you how students can do more higher-order thinking.


Mike Fuchigami

PS. If you’re talking about the Australian heatwave, check out this article about an Aussie cooking a pork roast in his car. It’s that hot!

PPS Jennifer wrote about the Australian Bushfires. This quote inspired me as a teacher to learn more.

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