I only gave away $200 (out of $500 in TpT gift cards) - (How) did I cheat?

I only gave away $200 (out of $500 in TpT gift cards) Did I cheat?

How could I have cheated?

Have we become too trusting with the internet?

People say things all the time.

It’s so easy to fall for the latest scam, click-bait, and juicy fake news tidbit!

I wanted to give away $500 in TpT gift cards to teachers who taught my Who is Invisible diversity lesson. (As in, which groups of people are invisible?)

But, I only gave away $200 of prizes during the live stream random drawing. (I kept $300 for myself.)

Did I cheat?


Can your class prove if I did or didn’t?

Did I Cheat is the name of my next Educircles challenge which runs from April to June 30, 2021.

Students have to analyze what I did, evaluate if I cheated, and then…

  • create a way to cheat in this online giveaway without people finding out.
  • create a way to do this online giveaway in a more honest, fair and transparent way.

Oh, and if you tell me how the lesson went (using this google form), you could win the grand prize of a $100 TpT gift card to spend on anything on Teachers Pay Teachers! (Not just my store!)

What will you buy if you win?


Mike Fuchigami

PS: By the way, if your students think they’re pretty good with technology, challenge them with this 100 question digital literacy quiz on YouTube!

PPS: I just posted a note to followers of my TpT store. The first ten people to answer 3 questions get a $10 TpT gift card. Check your TpT inbox to find a link to the Google Form with 3 questions.

PPPS: The random draw for the Welcome to the Family $25 gift card will take place on Wed April 7, 2021 at 8 PM (ET) and not Friday April 9 as I accidentally wrote in the note to followers. You can watch the live streamĀ here.

PPPS: Everything in my store is on sale right now.

  • Save 20% off my entire store (from now to Thu Apr 8, 2021.)
  • On Tue Apr 6 / Wed Apr 7, use promo code FORYOU21 to save an additional 5% at checkout.

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