When your students realize you can

When your students realize you can...

… re-open closed tabs in their web browser!

Hey Teachers!

Hope Back to School prep is going well.

And, if you’re already back in the classroom, hopefully, the honeymoon phase hasn’t ended yet. (When’s the next long weekend or holiday break?)

  1. How to re-open a closed tab in any web browser
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Here we go!

How to re-open a closed tab in any web browser

When your kids realize you can re-open closed tabs (keyboard short cut CTRL SHIFT T)

Sometimes, when we’re on the internet, we accidentally close a tab in our web browser.

And then it gets frustrating because we didn’t mean to close that web page, and we need it!

No worries! Just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + T and it will re-open the last closed tab.

This is awesome if your students are doing a research project and close a website that has some really good information.

(It’s also awesome for teachers. Who hasn’t accidentally closed a tab!)

And, if you have a student “accidentally” close a tab that they shouldn’t have been on just as the teacher gets close by, no worries! You can help them re-open that page so we can all see what we were working on… (or not working on. You know.)


  • You can use CTRL + SHIFT + T multiple times to go back in time and re-open the last few closed tabs!
  • This trick works in most modern browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox Browser
  • This trick works on a Chromebook (because it’s running Google Chrome as a web browser)
  • If you have multiple windows open and close a window that has multiple tabs, CTRL SHIFT T will re-open that window will all of the tabs.

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Update: Sep 7, 2021, Whoa – just found a situation where CTRL SHIFT T doesn’t work!!

I’m just prepping to do my next live stream on YouTube and discovered a case when CTRL SHIFT T will NOT re-open the last closed tab.

If you’re in guest mode or incognito mode in Google Chrome (or Edge, or another browser), CTRL SHIFT T doesn’t work.

A quick search on the internet found this MakeUseOf post which talks about the difference between Guest Mode and Incognito Mode in Google Chrome.

Here’s what it has to say about incognito mode:

This means that Chrome won’t save any browsing history, cookies, or form data created in the incognito window. It also blocks the functionality to reopen closed tabs with Ctrl + Shift + T and disables extensions (unless you enable them manually).

SOURCE: MakeUseOf.com

Both incognito mode and guest mode will block CTRL + SHIFT +T

What’s the takeaway message?

When we’re using the computer like normal – researching things, sending emails, doing work – CTRL + SHIFT + T is a great way to re-open tabs you close by accident.


If you’re showing your screen to students and you’re using a “GUEST” mode browsing tab (so your students don’t see all of your previous searches), then if you accidentally close a tab… you’re out of luck!

Or, if you’re trying to hide things from your teacher at school, it’s a game of cat-and-mouse. There’s always a workaround (eventually) so it’s really hard to create a fool-proof system.

But still, not everyone knows this CTRL SHIFT T trick… or the ability to stop it.

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Wishing you and your people a great Back to School season, and welcome back!


Mike Fuchigami

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